Our Next Evolution

We are Healing Our World's Biggest Challenges with Better Design.

About Us

We are one multicultural, multidisciplinary, mad creative global family in love with serving humanity. ONE is a global research and design ecosystem and real world project ecosystem incubator, solving our most critical global operating systems challenges with better design and better stories—restoring the balance between economy and ecology and radically improving the quality of all life.

Why You Should Join

We have assembled some of the most original thinkers and creators, including pioneering science and technology innovators, economists, media innovators and futurists, domain experts and experienced researchers, influential global super- connectors, celebrated social entrepreneurs, and visionary impact investors beyond the short term "shark-tank"mindset.  

We invite you to bring your best here, and we will connect you to real world transformation opportunities and co-creators on shared missions for redesigning a world you will be proud to leave behind for many generations to come. 

We have already set the baseline with protocols and digital frameworks here to start your co-creation journey with us, and it's only going to grow from here. This includes real world experience from use cases to solve for impact solutions beyond sustainability that has already impacted lives of millions.

As you get to know us and participate in the next stories, strategies and solutions for transformation beyond buzzwords and business as usual, we will introduce you to new economic incentives in sync with real world ecological impacts. 

 Soon we will mint you a fresh community cooperative
network stake token/NFT dID and wallet called the "O"
—The begining of all of us co-creating the next
Internet of life, starring YOU.